Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Funny Advertisement By MPAJ

Today I was reading Star newspaper and found this advertisement at Star Metro page M8.
The advertisement title start with this " RM1 Bounty For Each Rat Caught, Dead Or Alive"

Its organize by MPAJ aka Ampang Jaya Municipal Council.
There is few funny thing about it lolx

Here We Go

  • The first 50 people to catch 10 rats would be given free T-shirt each as bonus.
  • Over 20 rats would be given bonus of RM10 on top of the RM20 bounty.
  • Over 50 rats would receive a bonus of RM30
  • Over 100 rats would receive bonus RM100

Believe it? Its true, we go all wars on rats haha
To the rats out there all the best and good luck =D
Its already few decades that I didn't update my blog because of lazy-ness and busy-ness

I already celebrate my birthday on 6th of June which held at my house.
A lot of guest are invit
ed and thx for coming to "share my big day"

The party started at 7pm but I'm not around that time because went out to fetch my beloved darling and some of my collage friend. Arrived at home around 8pm and everybody was curious and looking for birthday boy ~~ they wonder who is the guy.

I have to "make up" a little bit =D so I make them wait another 30 minutes.
Well, once I come out my father hold my hand and informing everyone that I'm the birthday boy
Omg that time are kinda embarrassing but who care as long as I get some attention.

Drink is unavoidable, but luckily I only take 3 can of Heineken whole night. My darling keep saying that I'm drunk when I'm not becau se my face just like baboon ass ~~ RED only.
My birthday song are sing in 4 different language which is Cantonese,Mandarin,English and BM.
Well I do feel proud but is kinda impatience to do some opening on the cake.

My secondary school friends brought 2 alcohol which is VODKA and DE KUYPER. They want me to get drunk but luckily I just drink bit only haha. That time I already feel little bit dizzy.
Well I opened my present on next day. Guess what I get 4 watch including one from my darling.

My Present

My 3 Watch

K-Swiss Watch
From Anonymous
I like the box design =D

City Chain Watch
From my LUGU frenz
TQ lot o. Keep in touch

SeiKo Watch
From my bro, Ming,Leong and Ken

From my big bro friends
Dragon Ball LOL ?

From SJ and Rachel
Can I put in my car?

From my father friend
A belt and wallet of Pierre Cardin

From 2Y YenLing and YuKai
A couple cup and plate TQ ~

AnD MoSt ImPoRtAnT OnE

Rizon Watch =D
From my Beloved Dar
Dear like it o thx muaks ~~~~

There is lot picture about my birthday but at my bro camera.
I will upload it in this weekend.

I do feel sorry for Shuk because something happen to his car but
now the problem seems like settle already.
Feel sorry for my darling because cant accompany her too much on my "big day".
But I still love and miss her =D

Till here missing my beloved darling much muakssssssssssssssssss

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Horoscopes

Just checked my email and I found something to write about it =D
Its my horoscopes CANCER

Your element: Water

Your ruling planets: The Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Your stone: Moonstone

Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy

Vibration: Moody

Cancer's Secret Desire: To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially)

I'm not a good swimmer or should I say "I can sink easily but cant swim". Planning to learn but kindly embarrassing Why? because imagine yourself stick together with those kids who age lower than you in the same swimming pool with the same purposes.

Why should its say my element is water? Maybe I should interpret this.
Umm let see water in Cantonese we pronouns it as "SUI". In Chinese we always refer "SUI" as fortune or money so, I might get rich in future or "SUI" is coming in soon?

Regarding to the Moon and the Moonstone I would like professionals to interpret.
Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the mysterious Moon, are one of the zodiac's enigmas. It is fair to say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions. Compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealous remarks and ever-changing moods.

Crab is one of my favorite dished especially when it cook with black pepper or tomato sauce but right now I rarely can eat it now due to my braces =[
(This is for laughing only =D)

I'm getting moody these day .If you ask me why I would say its my job and girlfriend giving me lot pressure. Especially when now I have to starting take over my manager job because she is taking maternity leave on July. Just starting with those EPF and SOCSO already making me headache because there are so many thing to follow up =.=

My girlfriend is currently busy with her job, study and ........ (she want to keep secret so let it be).
I'm trying to advice her to become smart and she seems like understand and answer me " Em Ah Oo" but at the end I feel like back to square one. I'm not financially secure so don't expect too much thing from me. I'm not those rich guys who no need to work and asking pocket money from parents.
(Hope she don't feel annoying while reading this paragraph)

I'm always giving people constant reassurance especially my friends when they looking for advice. It's not easy for myself to reassure the job and the path that I choose because once I failed, I will think twice or even thrice to do it again =[ Of cause I do have intimacy with my family, friend and girlfriend but I leave P & C lol

I know that I'm not a romantic guy but at least I do care when I'm needed.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I notice my blog is full of dust -] Now its the time to clean it haha Well my darling birthday coming soon. So what is important here is what should I get for her? A pack of stone or a bottle with sand? (sounds saving and environmental friendly right? haha)

I not really understand why she always said will rain when is her birthday but she gonna celebrate early so dont worry it will not rain. Hopefully I can organize a memorable birthday party for her.

We feel sad for Woo, which he will be leaving Msia before my darling birthday party but she still demand present from him haha. All the best to our friend, Woo and hopefully you can get lot LOLI at JAPAN =DDDD

Recently, im addicted to English song and manga. Every night after finish my work I would stay at home and online start my manga reading. I feel sorry for my darling. But when I read my darling blog I feel more sad because at the moment I realize that Ferrero Rocher are important than me T_T I think we are equal now ? 1 - 1 . Its only first half of our relationship and I would work harder at second half and try to make it full time

Alright till here, darling I LOVE YOU muaks -) Nightz

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Life @.@

I feel my life lately become very boring boring and boring.
From Monday to Saturday, wake up at 8am go to work
go home around 6pm eat,sleep at 11pm (sometimes very late)
Izzit this kind of lifestyle that I want? I feel like i am
a recycle item lolx.

Well there is 2 way I just could go now. The first one would
be continue working but I do plan to change my job because of
very complicated reason. Second I do think back to continue
my study but I hate book !! When I read text book, it start
with good mood *.* 1st page,2nd page,3rd the 4th one I could
fall to sleep.

I feel myself changing to. Izzit due to environment or myself?
I become more materialistic $$, whose know in the future I might
be very stingy haha. I dream to have a rich wife and I do
not need to work haha. Now I do agree to working society philosophy
"study is better than working" but I still prefer working.

I do not ask single penny from my parents anymore should this be
a good achievement in age of 20years old?Im paying for the car
fuel,food(except for dinner) and my braces which really cost me lot

Im kindly of lazy now because when my friend called me for yam cha,
I sure reject most of time them but compare to last time when I still
in the college. When a call to yam cha I sure go no matter how far is
the place lolx. Even on Sunday I would like to stick with my bed.

Oya almost forgot my buddy CHOOI haha, Hey if you read this blog
I wish you all the best and we will see you in next 2 years =D
take care yourself well and study much as you can.
Friendship are define precious and treasure so remember US ! CYAS

Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY ~~~

Yea too busy to update blog recently because always
went out to "pai lian". Feel kindly excited because meet
alot new friend during CNY =D

Day 1,

That night went out with my "kai mui". I thought it would be
gambling plan but its end up by drinking beer =.= .
Yea surprisingly there is only one guy which is me.
Well my "kai mui" getting drunk after drink 6 or 7 can.
She rest and im the one who continue her job.
But it end up i also getting bit drunk because its
1 vs 7 girl -.-' (how to survive?)
I never gambling during at my foster parents house WHY ?
because no "kaki" lol

Day 2,

After taking breakfast, im start heading back to KL. During the
journey,there is an accident so I swap to emergency lane but
suddenly there is a police traffic stopping car and gving summon.
I was consider myself very lucky because the "stupid" never stop
me.Speeding at 130km/j ~~ no feel man reach KL in 1 hour.
After take lunch at my uncle house, my cousin and nephew
start gambling and of course I win quite lot on that day XD

Day 3,
Not feeling very well -.- feel like vomit stay at whole day
Dam hate it, i guess im food poisoning that time T_T

Day 4,
Feel better, my friends come to my house and we went out
2gether "pai lian". I get quite lot angpau too XD. Gambling
lost to them -.- im "chai shen"

Day 8,
Went to "hokkien lang" house because most of them "pai tin kong"
The firecracker are everywhere yesterday especially those
fireworks. Imagine that you are throwing money into sea haha

Feel boring, no mood to continue -.-" at office now gonna off at 4 pm
Im bad story teller ~~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nearing CNY ~~~~ =D

Long time din update my blog already haha .
Well busy ma because of CNY hehe -p . Well I
went to saloon yesterday cut and dye my hair.
I dont think any different with my hair. Its
just slightly different -( of cz the colour of hair
change and i quite like it hehe.

Today I drive from KL to Tanjong Malim, Perak.
Suprisingly im alone in the car ~~ I wonder
why my parents let me do it at this time.
Maybe they think i already grow up XD. Well its
actually not very far. The distance is around 90km+++
I am speeding at 130km/j (quite fast yea?) and reach
my destination around 1 hour later -p

Reach there I thought wanna take a little nap but guess
what -.-' I have to help paint my foster parents house
Since when I become painter already? Haha Its last till 6 pm
I hoping that my "kai mui" have little suprise plan for me

Ok bahs that all, gonna be late and tired --'
Wishing everyone gong xi fat chai and get many angpau o
Good Night ~~~~~~